Three platforms corresponding to the main profiles of the DVB-S2 standard – broadcast, interactive and professional – are set up to achieve the following objectives: The key topics are: All Rights Reserved Other product and company names listed are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. The test run is then controlled and the results are later assessed. After the test run is completed, the results are displayed in reports which can be saved as well as evaluated and exported in a variety of ways.

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DVB-S2 – ready for lift off?

[linux-dvb] AW: Re: Software-only Loopback DVB

Contact National Delegations Newsletter Register. Documentation Documentation may be requested. Many different types of measurements, including the bit error rate BERare possible.

Test conduction, monitoring and control is automated, results are computed by post-processing tools. Many features of this site require JavaScript.

DVB-S2 Satellite Experiment

Phase 1 has been completed successfully, with the detailed definition of the experiments, the test-bed equipment and space dgb ground segments. Contacts Keplerlaan 1, AG. Phase 2 is dedicated to the platforms’ development, integration in labs and with the space segment in the operators? The second and final part of test campaign will use commercial grade equipment with advanced Quality of Dvg traffic shaping device controlled by the network management system upgraded for ACM operation.

The key topics are:. Supported Signal Generators and Modes. Loop-back configurations allow switching to the lab environment with channel simulators. Demonstrate that the new features of the DVB-S2 standard are functionally working by satellite for a large number of configurations and applications. Integration is on-going on this second phase. Picture quality can be assessed interactively by the user or automatically by the system. The experiments assess and provide results on the critical aspects of the operation of DVB-S2 by satellite in terms of functional behaviour and performance.


DVB-S2 Satellite Experiment | ESA’s ARTES Programmes

Finally, the center frequency and transmit power level may be configured via the SPI bus using a modem control algorithm or by the host. The digital baseband IQ signals to be faded are created on a vector signal generator using internal signal creation personalities, Signal Studio applications, or custom looppback created by mathematical modeling tools.

Additionally, modem control configures the modulation block to use the appropriate symbol rate. This test system enables users in development or production to test and assess compliance with the various specifications, as well as the DUTs’ operability and the RF characteristics.

The outcome of the experiments will concern primarily the operators wishing to move to DVB-S2 for their applications HDTV, interactive and professional services, etc. One possible error upon loading the configuration is loopbacj “conflicting instrument assignment” error, due to the PXB’s inability to configure the same signal generator on an input port and an output port.

The project now concentrates on the test campaigns in lab and by satellite: All measuring instruments are connected via LAN to the system control PC, which can be used to set and monitor the configuration of the test cases, the test run and the results. Since existing DVB-xx standards are constantly being expanded and new standards added, these changes must be precisely incorporated in the design and functions of the instruments during their development and production.


Astrium Satellites, 31 rue des Cosmonautes.

DVB-xx tests for set-top boxes | Application Card | Rohde & Schwarz

The project now concentrates on liopback test campaigns in lab and by satellite:. The project consortium, led by the satellite manufacturer Astrium Satellites, includes the participation of operators Eutelsat and Telesat and other partners involved in satellite telecommunications DLR, Fraunhofer IIS and Nera.

Driven by the host, the purpose of the control flow is to configure and calibrate the encoder, modulator, and RF front end. On average, the E2IQ performance gap is 0.

Telesat Canada Canada http: Status date Monday, March 20, – Through its own header, the PL framer creates the start of frame followed by information used to decode the entire FEC frame. Since the Master Channel is set to the IO port that’s connected to your signal generator, markers will come into the IO port, pass through the fader, and return through the same IO port as an output to the signal generator. In addition, new standards, or those required later, can be easily added with a software update.

Additionally, the PL framer periodically inserts pilot slots for maintaining synchronization.