If not, give it a whirl, you might be surprised. I just picked up a new sorcerer and haven’t got to measure with it yet. We think about distance. Part of that rating is how quickly or slowly the disc decelerates. Right now the Mamba.

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All of my throws are under control and I actually get more distance while staying under control verses just throwing as hard as possible. So how do we find the longest disc for us? Feel free to post plastic type and weight and if you have a toss up, you faarthest list multiples.

If you are still hopelessly addicted to getting more distance, make sure to check out our two part post on the subject part one here and part two here. I ran out and bought the disc he was throwing.

The longer we can keep our discs in that part of their flight, the further they will go. Right now the Mamba. So, get to the point, right?


Official Flying Disc World Records

Jul Years Playing: It was a fluke. Your longest disc will be the disc whose speed rating matches your arm speed the best.

The longer it flies before pulling out of that turn, the longer the throw. Here we go again! Nasty Nate Double Eagle Member. I just picked up a ddisc sorcerer and haven’t got to measure with it yet.

Let us know in the comments! The time now is Send a private message to Nasty Nate. Finding the speed that matches your current form is the key to finding the longest disc for you.

And the Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc Is……

The speed rating does NOT determine the actual speed of a disc. On the whole, it is a life long addiction that can never be satisfied. Find all posts by World Eater.

Part of that rating is how quickly or slowly the disc decelerates. Find all posts by Nasty Nate. None of them repeatable. Jun Years Playing: How do I know? I saw Avery Jenkins throw at a clinic in and I almost quit right on the spot. Send a private message to Allurex. The sick thing is that over the first years I played disc golf I did that over and over and over again.


Find all posts by SD Much more importantly, the speed rating tells us how fast we need to be able to throw that disc in order for it to fartest its intended flight.

Official Flying Disc World Records

World Eater Eagle Member. Find all posts by drblam. We post about distance online.

Toss up between the Wave and Photon for me. My last longest flying thread, I made a poll but left out like the top 3 farthest, so this time I wont add a poll until we hit about pages worth of dis if we can fill that many.